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sandi.jpgI’m Sandi, the Creator of Bangs to Go, an exciting new designer hair solution for women who need an easy way to have a great hair day. In the past, I tried it all --- hair extensions, wigs and clip ons --- either for a change of pace or, later, to help with thinning hair. Extentions were inconvenient and required constant maintenance; wigs were hot and heavy --- and all of them were expensive. I also liked bangs but didn't want to cut my hair and be committed to always wearing bangs. After looking for something that would help me with these things and not finding it anywhere, I decided to make something that would --- and that became Bangs to Go.
Bangs to Go is a new, easy to use, quick and inexpensive answer to a variety of women’s hair issues
  • If you have thinning hair and don’t like to depend on hot, uncomfortable and expensive wigs or even more expensive and high maintenance hair extensions --- Bangs to Go is for you

  • If you’d love to change your hair style without cutting your hair --- Bangs to Go is for you

  • If you’re blowing your hair everyday on a busy schedule, which also risks damaging your hair --- Bangs to Go is for you

  • If you have grey showing and don’t have the time to dye it today --- Bangs to Go is for you

  • If you’re just having a bad hair day --- Bangs to Go is for you
Made with high quality human hair that can be styled to your look, shampooed and colored --- using Bangs to Go is as simple as putting on a hair band and then brushing your hair. Bangs to Go can be purchased in long and short lengths and a variety of natural hair colors and provides a beauty accessory that can be used when necessary or just when you’re in the mood --- a wonderful option in any woman’s dressing area.
Compare Bangs to Go to the alternatives available to women today --- wigs can be hot, uncomfortable and expensive while Bangs to Go is light, cooler and sells for a faction of the cost. Hair extensions are even more costly than wigs and require ongoing costly and inconvenient services to maintain properly while Bangs to Go can be used in literally seconds and at an even smaller fraction of the cost.

I've been using Bangs to Go myself since we made the first test version and I absolutely love it. I can put it on and brush it in in literally seconds and look like I just came from the salon. Women who've tried them feel the same way and find themselves actually getting more than one to have different lengths and styles.

Thanks for visitng our site and I hope that you'll try Bangs to Go ---- I know you'll love it too.